Revert Calvary Hair Policy to that of which was acceptable in the 2017-2018 school year

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As Calvary Students, we feel that this new hair policy that has been suggested by the Calvary Administration is unfair to a large part of male students of the Calvary Population. This new hair policy states that a student's hair may not exceed one inch in length. We feel that this is a drastic change from the previous hair policy and is more than inconvenient for most students. Here's why: 

  • This hair policy inconveniences students by requiring them to get frequent haircuts which they may not have time or money to spend on
  • Students may lose confidence in the way they look because they do not feel comfortable with a new, shorter hairstyle
  • Having a maximum length of one inch does not give much freedom for students to be different from each other. We believe that each student has a right to be different and express themselves. This policy obviously creates a lack of diversity and individualism throughout the school population

As Calvary Students, we believe in the right for every student to have a good education that is distraction free. However, we do believe that a student has a right to be comfortable and confident in school. So long as these principles do not interfere with one another, they should not be infringed upon. We hope that we can reach an agreement that benefits both the students and administrators.


Representatives of the Male Student Body

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