This petition is to get Pennridge School District to place armed guards in each School

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More and more school shootings happening each year.

If we had armed guards in every school in the district this could possibly eliminate a mass shooting.

We Stand more of a chance of eliminating a mass shooting if someone in the school has the opportunity to shoot the shooter, 17 people died in Florida today during a school shooting.

A security guard placed himself in front of students and took multiple bullets and later died, if he was armed he could have shot the shooter and maybe, he would still be alive the shooting lasted four minutes maybe it wouldn't have gotten that far if a security guard was armed.

The Security system at Pennridge School District that they use now where you push a button and someone says hi can I help you? 

And the person who wants to get in the school says, I'm so and so and the staff member says come on in that's not really security even if the staff member denies access to the person who wants to come in it's a glass door there's no security anybody can go through that glass door

If you feel armed guards in each School within the Pennridge School District is a good idea to protect your children sign the petition and share it thank you