Cuts To MARSD Teachers Do Not Cut It With Us!

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 We, the undersigned, petition the Matawan Aberdeen School District’s Administration and Matawan Aberdeen Board of Education to:

 1.     Re-hire the following teachers of the arts in our school district:

 Ms. Jeanine Liguori, Cliffwood Art Teacher

Miss Marissa Spofera, Cliffwood Music Teacher

Ms. Lauren Munson, Lloyd Road Band Teacher

 2.     Continue offering the Video Production classes at Matawan Regional High School, 

 3.     Hire a full-time K-3 librarian to fill the vacated librarian position at the K-3 level, and

 4.     Reverse the district’s decision to privatize essential school personnel.

 Each MARSD K-3 school needs to have its own full-time librarian, art teacher and music teacher.

 The arts are a vital part of our students’ education.  When one is taught about art they are taught to observe, analyze, and synthesize the information before them.  This leads to deeper, more constructive thinking.  Art also exposes students to other cultures and varying viewpoints which enhances their abilities to show empathy and tolerance.  To cut or even to curb our students’ exposure to art in these ways is of detriment to their education. 

 In the digital age, full-time school librarians in each school are a necessity to give our students the best education for developing into inquiring, lifelong learners as they guide students through the intersection of formal and informal education. Study after study shows the positive benefits of having a full-time school librarian in school. In fact, those elementary students with full-time librarians have better reading and writing scores than those without full-time librarians, and these scores continue to improve as they move from elementary to middle to high school.

 The choice to abolish 43 instructional assistant jobs gravely impacts our youngest and most neediest students. Kids whose first school experiences and those with the most challenging learning styles are at risk. These are students that need consistent and well trained district-employed assistants. Choosing to outsource will most definitely negatively impact the learning and behaviors of the students and of the home rooms. Teachers are constantly being held to a higher standard and having to raise test scores, but without the trained district instructional assistants that do carry out and teach the teachers’ plans this will be a huge challenge.

 We implore you to find ways to balance the budget that does not include cutting our teachers.