Village of Entrada Noise and Safety issues

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This petition serves to reaffirm previous complaints and place DR Horton on written notice as to the ongoing issue of safety concerns over high speed traffic as well as daily and nightly intolerable and unacceptable levels of noise pollution from North Del Prado Blvd., that disrupt the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of property owners located along Amadora Circle in the Village of Entrada. These homeowners were not made aware of the outrageous and unacceptable noise levels emanating from North Del Prado Blvd. at all hours of the day and night prior to purchasing their homes. Residents were also not made aware that North Del Prado Blvd. is a commercial trucking road, a main motorcycle thoroughfare, as well as possessing an inordinately high level of car traffic routinely traveling in excess of 50 mph. While as buyers’ of homes near a roadway a certain level of reasonable road noise is to be expected outside one’s home the current level far and above exceeds reasonable acceptable levels affecting residents not only outside but inside their homes.

 Among the many issues residents have reported is being unable to sleep at night due to the persistent road noise and shining headlights despite having all their windows and doors closed. In addition they also report frequently being unable watch television unless at maximum sound levels or have a peaceful family meal inside their own home without having to converse by screaming at each other just to be heard over the road noise. Residents have also voiced concern that the continuous noise vibrations over time will lead to cracks in their home’s foundations. Furthermore lights from school buses at 5 in the morning as well as headlights from nighttime traffic further disrupt residents at all hours despite having blinds on their windows. Not only that the high use of North Del Prado by both cars and commercial trucks at normal and excessive speeds along the curvature of the roadway bordering resident’s homes has also created a safety concern that one of these vehicles could lose control and damage property or even injure residents. These concerns have been brought to the attention of DR. Horton in person, via phone, and email by multiple residents on multiple occasions. These concerns expressly related to noise and safety were reiterated at the annual board meeting in February. Months’ worth of these complaints imploring DR Horton to take action by building a 12 foot or higher concrete sound wall to separate residents along the short stretch of Amadora Circle that runs along North Del Prado Blvd. were left unanswered.

 On March 1, 2018 a vehicle traveling on North Del Prado Blvd. ran through the bushes along North Del Prado Blvd., through the privacy fences of two residents and missed crashing into their homes by a mere foot or two. This is the precise type of safety concern for which residents unsuccessfully plead with DR Horton to remedy. On March 4, 2018, another vehicle ran off the road crashed into the bushes and nearly struck another home head on. These unsafe and unbearable conditions undermine the ability of residents to feel safe in their homes while being free of the intolerable road noise and light that has reduced their quality of life exponentially. Some residents have even chosen to or considered selling their homes due to these issues only to discover these issues have greatly devalued their home values leaving them stuck in an unbearable situation that only DR Horton can remedy.

 Residents understand that in planning the community DR Horton planted some shrubbery to address the noise, light, and safety issues. However it is readily and overwhelmingly apparent to residents that these efforts are and will continue to be inadequate in abating these noise, light, and safety issues. Furthermore fence height limitations prevent individual residents from attempting to abate the issues on their own hence the need for community action. Residents are realistic in their expectations that likely no solution exists that will completely 100 percent eliminate all of these issues but they are aware additional measures are available that will greatly abate these issues. Hence residents’ primary concern is not placing blame but coming up with a solution.  Resident’s believe these issues can be resolved with the help of DR Horton in a manner that will be mutually satisfactory.
We, the undersigned, are concerned residents of the Village of Entrada who urge DR Horton to act now to remedy the above listed unsafe, persistent, intolerable, and unacceptable noise, safety, and light issues all emanating from North Del Prado Blvd. We ask that DR. Horton work with residents to come up with a solution to these issues. We suggest erecting a solid soundproof wall of appropriate width that being approximately 8 to 12 inches and height of approximately 12 feet or more to be placed on the top of the berm located between Amadora Circle and North Del Prado Blvd. on community property so as to protect our community from the offensive and unsafe conditions perpetuated day and night by the use of North Del Prado Blvd. Residents are willing to consider absorbing some of the financial burden of the project within reason. As DR Horton possesses employees with a background in construction we request that DR Horton in good faith aid in finding appropriate contractors to perform the work as well as overseeing the project that we believe will secure the safety of the community and permit the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of homes by residents as they initially envisioned and expected upon purchasing their homes.

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