Start School Later in CFISD (Cypress-Fairbanks) for High Schoolers

Start School Later in CFISD (Cypress-Fairbanks) for High Schoolers

September 19, 2017
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lynh Phan

Studies have shown a later start time is more conducive to a teenager's biological clock, gives children more time to eat breakfast, results in: less depression, better grades, reduced  car crashes, less dropouts, less absentees, less tardies, less risk taking behaviors and higher standardized test scores.

Some of the arguments have stated that high school students would miss sports and band practice or not be able to work after school.  One of the solutions provided was to cut one school period and to have some practices early in the day so school ends at approximately the same time as years prior or perhaps 30 minutes later. Isn't it easier for students to practice earlier in the morning rather than at 3pm in the hot sun? If more time is needed, then students can meet again after school.

Cutting school topics taught on one day does not equate to less school subjects. High school topics could be taught in 1.5 hours blocks taught on different days, similar to the college schedule. Less time is wasted shuffling to classes, and less time is spent settling down.  

Also, doesn't it make sense to have our younger elementary kids start school earlier so parents can finish sending them off then proceed to work? Younger kids tend to have more energy in the morning and become tired in the afternoon. Having an earlier start time would ease this. 

Currently, CFISD highschoolers start school at 7:20am.  

Please sign this petition and show Cy-Fair School District that we love our kids!


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Signatures: 239Next Goal: 500
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