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Delay First Day of School For Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District

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Hurricane Harvey hit the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District area hard. Although it has been a week since Harvey hit the coast of Texas, we have countless teachers, staff and students displaced in the wake of catastrophic and historic flooding.  

When you take a drive through the neighborhoods where our students and staff live it is sobering. It is as though someone picked up our previously beautiful suburban life and turned it upside down. Some families are just getting back to their homes, some have flooded streets that aren't allowing them in, and others still are working tirelessly to throw everything they own away while they wait for insurance adjusters and FEMA to make their way to them.

It is taking effort on the part of every member of our community to get homes cleaned out.  To get clothes, food and medications to those who need them.  Our community needs more time to band together and get homes safe enough for our students and staff to come home to AFTER school hours.

As parents and teachers, we feel that returning to school on September 6 is unreasonable.  The school districts around us who experienced the same level of devastation are not starting until September 11.  Why not give our families those additional 5 days as well, to clean up, organize and grieve their losses.  Why rush our students and staff to school where they will undoubtedly be distracted by their losses?  Why not give our local grocery stores a chance to stock their shelves so quality lunches can be packed for students?

If we are truly #CFISDFORALL we need to consider ALL of our staff and students. We talk about #CFISDSPIRIT--lets show some of that here and now! Lets give our families 5 more days, and start September 11, 2017 to allow for the best possible start to our school year.

Parents and teachers alike are pleading for more time to grieve, heal and plan.

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