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Return Early Registration to Pratt Athletes

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We respectfully ask for your consideration in resuming the traditional early registration for student athletes who participate in Pratt Institute’s sports programs. There are several reasons why we believe this privilege should be reinstated. The primary benefit of early registration for student athletes is the fact we must choose the proper schedule first in order to allow us to participate in these respective programs.

As you are aware, Pratt does not offer any athletic scholarships to its students. Historically the school has offered early registration to students as a small courtesy for the tremendous amount of hours we volunteer on the school’s behalf.

As for the women's tennis team, the girls have brought great exposure to Pratt Institute; winning two championships undefeated.  Early registration serves as a huge incentive to get top quality athletics to participate in Pratt's sports programs. 

Pratt Athletics requires a true commitment and many dedicated hours by students in addition to the regular schedule of college courses. This is time that could be used by students to earn additional income or dedicate time for internships. Instead, athletes volunteer on behalf of loyalty to the school.

We were shocked at the recent withdrawal of this benefit. Therefore, please accept this letter as a formal request to reverse your decision.

In summary, all the students are asking for is to simply have the school reinstate the policy that has always existed. This basic request will not require any allocation of resources for Pratt to approve.

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