Translocation: A solution against cutting of trees.

Translocation: A solution against cutting of trees.

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We all know the importance of trees and forest cover but then, we also seek for development. Lakhs of trees are being cut for widening of roads, highway development, industrial projects, etc.. They are cut because they serve to be the constant hurdle in the path of these developmental activities. In around every 100 Km of redevelopment of highways about 10,000 trees are being cut on regular basis.

 So what can be a solution balancing both the aspects? When a tree is cut, even though we plant a thousand of saplings that cannot replace the magnitude of the benefit that a fully grown tree provided. Also it is difficult to track the growth of each sapling.

Well then, one of the solutions could be, that the money spent on cutting trees could find an alternative path, i.e. used in relocating them. We can also observe the concern in the words our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to Shri Nitin Gadkari, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India “Nitin, Don’t fell trees , development at this cost, is too high”

Relocation of trees is no more a dream now. In fact some Municipal Corporations of India viz. Ahmedabad, Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. have saved the trees from being axed and successfully translocated thousands of trees, hence, preserved the nature and enhanced the beautification of their cities.

When the government can allocate contracts for cutting trees in developmental activities, then why not issue tender for relocating them and employ the residing community in this activity. Therefore, our petition, that you may kindly intervene and make required arrangements to have the following action taken, is:

  • Passing order to all the Municipal Corporations to make prior arrangements for proper translocation of trees, where trees are cut for developmental activities.
  •  An order could be passed for translocation of the trees, Instead of giving permission for cutting the same, by the Forest

India has already ratified the CoP 21 protocol (Paris agreement). Being the part of this global climate change regime, India will have significant obligations to reduce its carbon footprint by 33-35% from its 2005 levels and this has to be achieved by 2030. Now it’s high time that we all play our roles to achieve the environmental goals. This is nothing selfless, we are doing this to sustain our present and future. So kindly support the cause and sign this petition.