Starting a Green Revolution!

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Global warming is real. The earth’s temperature has risen by 4 degrees and so the oceans have risen by four feet too. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has led to an increase in the earth’s temperature. If we keep on cutting trees and not replacing them by planting new ones, our doom is inevitable. Our ignorance is complicit in the destruction of our own earth, our home. 

The production of CFCs is also a major factor in global warming. Products that include CFCs should be banned and alternatives should be made available in the market. Putting chemicals in our body is only going to harm us in the long run. Instead of ACs, natural systems of cooling should be made popular such as planting gardens on roofs, soundproofing ones walls, etc. 

A green revolution needs to start. Plants in classrooms, the art of gardening should be inculcated in school, colleges, metros, offices. People removed from nature are becoming machinelike, lost inside their mobile phones, a fake reality. Being close to the earth will ground people, nurture the seed of growth in them.  

New parks, gardens, orchards should be opened everywhere, opening up new job opportunities. People displaced from their villages can do their old jobs in cities, a feeling of belonging will be propagated through nature. 

Community gardens, orchards will bring the community closer. Housewives can help out in these areas, people will grow their own vegetables and fruits once again. They will eat their own home grown food, a blessing from the earth. 

Organic farming should be promoted. Chemical pesticides and insecticides should be banned which make the soil infertile as well as put toxins into the human digestive system, leading to many diseases. Natural ways of dealing with pests should be incorporated. The quality of food is of the utmost importance, not the quantity, which is being wrongly promoted nowadays. 

Pollution in metropolitan cities will also be reduced. If the air becomes cleaner, respiratory diseases will also lessen in numbers. I’m an asthmatic sufferer and I know how I tense up, my breathing is more shallow, scared whenever I’m exposed to pollutants in the air, which is whenever I go out. Smoking, bonfires also contribute to air pollution. Every smoker should have a plant. 

It is time to go back towards a greener, healthier, whole earth. The time is now. Make a change, the fate of humanity rests in your hands. Your fate rests in your hands. Change it. Now.