To ban plastic in daily use

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Climate change is real and is getting worse every passing second. The only planet we have to survive, is dying every second because of human's smallest of action, *daily usage of plastic*.Plastic can not be decomposed and if burnt, releases harmful gases in the atmosphere. 6 million sq ft of garbage is floating in the pacific ocean which is twice the size of U.S.A. Aquatic animals are dying because of it.
You don't need to look that far to see the problem coming just look at our holy river ganga, beaches of mumbai. Big industrial factories are disposing there waste in the water causing to pollute these rivers. Honestly speaking, we don't have much time left to take action, If we want to. Take the initiative now and stop using plastic and spread awareness. If we all fight together I am 100% sure we can save mother earth and other species. I don't want our future generations see this beautiful world as hell.