Encourage Cycles on Delhi Streets to reduce pollution and discourage traffic

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A busy road on Delhi can now be equated to Hitler’s gas chambers. So high are the levels of VOCs, Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and ground level ozone when one is on the roads of Delhi.  And being in a closed vehicle isn’t any significant measure of safety either.

'So bad is the air in Delhi that living in Delhi is said to be equal to smoking twenty plus cigarettes every single day.'

All of us are victims of a polluted environment. 

The government has been largely unsuccessful in reducing pollution. Odd even scheme is ineffective. The air pollution in Delhi is primarily caused due to industrial waste and vehicles

In European countries like France and Netherlands, the government have reduced pollution by encouraging  the use of bicycles and imposing car-free days. 


The govt. should encourage large scale use of cycles, make areas of high pollution levels cycle friendly and restrict use of vehicles on roads.

There should be a tax on vehicles in certain parts of the city(like central Delhi)  to reduce traffic and pollution.

There should be car-free cycling days every month.