Children demand Declaration of a National Climate Emergency and Tackling of Climate Change

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I, school student Aman Sharma along with tens of lakhs of students across India and the entire population of environmentally conscious citizens demand that the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change declare a National Climate Emergency and work towards tackling climate change. 

India accounts for 7 of the top 10 most polluted cities of the world. Being a nature enthusiast, I know the repercussions that several years of ignorance towards the root causes of global warming like greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation would have for India in the long run.The Himalayan snow has been steadily melting due to global warming. Climate change has also adversely affected the rainfall pattern in India, with devastating effect on farmers’ harvests and affecting the migration patterns of different birds and animals.

India’s politicians have till now been in denial of the fact that climate change is an actual threat and have completely side-lined all environmental issues. A major change is needed in the way government forms its environmental policies. They need to refocus their policies from making the environment a better place for humans to making it a better place for all living creatures.

Can we really think of raising a family or having kids in a world which will be devoid of basic amenities of life like clean air, food and water?

We demand that the environment ministry -

1.  Declare a National Climate emergency and recognise it's shortcomings in providing to us a safe environment
2. Commit to the Paris Agreement which seeks to limit the Earth’s warming to below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).
3. Works towards meeting the goal of a green cover of 33% in the country as proposed and accepted in it's National Forest Policy
4. Implement much stricter rules to reduce sporadic clearances of forests for activities such as mining and building
5. Implement stricter rules towards curving illegal mining in green and wetland areas
6. Give priority to completing all plans enlisted under INDC

Children have been protesting since March for a common goal of action against climate change, however our voices have been ignored and suppressed. We shall be the next voters in the Lok Sabha elections and we shall ensure that the policies of the government align themselves with international environmental standards. We demand action of India's present and future leaders on climate change and environmental concerns. Within five years we shall be the new generation of voters ,and we shall cast our votes only for the parties engaged in bringing Climate Justice.

'Let us be the youth of today, leaders of tomorrow and the change making voters of the future'


Aman Sharma, along with Asheer, Asees, The Students Strike for Climate Change organisation and Cuckoo About Nature Club