Extending In-Time for boarders of girls hostel "Gargi" to access amenities at our disposal

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With due respect we the boarders of Gargi hostel of NIT Agartala state that we are being deprived of our basic rights due to hostel arrest after 6 o'clock everyday and as an NITian we want to amend our rights. 
Every other NIT is having a longer In-Time for girls which makes them use fundamental amenities like library and sports complex. We being the only ones who are stuck between the barrier of four walls after 6 o'clock. After classes getting over at 5:30 girls directly need to go to hostel which leaves the girls with no productive work. This further creates a problem for those who are involved in projects and group discussions. Only two girls from the whole lot of girls are involved there in the renowned team of "Baja-SAE" only because of this issue as they can't serve the team at the evening time which is their main working time. The rank of our NIT is falling day by day as,  compared to the girls of other NITs who can involve themselves in projects hand in hand with the boys,  our NIT lacks at providing us that opportunity. The localites who are staying in hostel, whenever they need to go home they have to take permission 5 days prior going to home which is insane. Boarders are not allowed to take parcels after 7 o'clock from over the gate. We are lacking in any kind of competition from the boys of our own college. Security reasons are said to be the reason behind this inhuman activity the administration is doing to the girls from an era. Because being an NIT and providing a campus for students, they should also ensure that it has proper safety conditions for the girls to not worry when they are out at evening time.
 No rational logic can explain the need of this In-Time of Gargi hostel and that is why the girls of Gargi  all united requests you to curb the bars of injustice being done to us and give us an extended intime. We request you to take all necessary steps to  change this situation and give us the equality we deserve.