Stop Hayes Barton Baptist Church House Demolition

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The neighborhood of Five Points in Raleigh, NC is beloved by residents and other Raleighites for its charm. Don't destroy half a block of houses in the name of "more parking" that will be used a couple of hours a week. One of the main attractions to our neighborhood is the appeal of older homes, with all their quirks but mostly their charm.

Your Five Points neighbors would like the opportunity to discuss other options for this block of homes - there are plenty of other options that retain the charm of the neighborhood, fit in with the stated values of HBBC, and provide transportation options to the church goers.

Background: Hayes Barton Baptist Church is planning on bulldozing the first six houses on White Oak road (bordering their current property) in order to construct a new parking lot for members. These six houses are currently owned by the church.

All alternative ideas welcome! Some suggestions made so far include:

Continue using the houses for affordable housing, refugee support, or a community home for people with intellectual disabilities (essentially some use that lines up with the Church's overall mission).

Sell those homes to families that would love them and use the money to find another option (such as paying for shuttle buses and/or alternate parking solutions).

Adding additional Sunday services to mitigate the high volume late Sunday mornings and alleviate some of the traffic and parking needs.