ViNGN: Turn Love City Community Network WiFi back ON

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Thanks to the hundreds of Love City Community Network Supporters who took action and called our Virgin Island senators and Governor Mapp, we are happy to see a response was delivered to the public last night, from Dr. H Mark McGibbon, President & CEO of viNGN, Inc., addressing the entire Love City Community Network and those reliant upon it. McGibbon's response:

First, let me make something very clear that is seemingly misunderstood about St. John: we do NOT have other Internet provider options currently.

Surge Broadband is limited and has a long waitlist for equipment. VIYA is not accepting new customers, nor putting up new lines in some areas of the island. Broadband VI has a long waitlist for equipment, and are telling potential customers that they have no long range antennas to connect to St. Thomas’ signal, nor an ETA for how long their waiting list is.

The people of St. John are a strong and resilient community. Hurricanes Irma & Maria tested that to the fullest, but we survived. A vital part of our recovery has been made possible by the hard work, endless hours, and dedication from the Love City Community Network team and volunteers, who have delivered connectivity to our schools, emergency responders, local businesses,  recovery teams and organizations, mail centers… everyone who is crucial to keeping this island  economy thriving and in a forward motion.

Please, Dr. McGibbon & viNGN team, we urge you to turn our connection back on while negotiations are being made. We want to see LLCN and viNGN work together, as we want the same goal and mission: to bring connectivity to the people of the Virgin Islands, and that includes St. John!

Emergency calls cannot be received at the Fire Station in Coral Bay without LCCN. Local businesses cannot communicate with future visitors regarding bookings, plans, weddings, rentals,  or reservations, to name a few, without LCCN. Local businesses cannot collect payment at their establishments without LCCN. Money is being lost that could be put into our economy.

Hundreds and hundreds of people are depending on you.

We are just a few months out from our next hurricane season. If needed, LCCN, with all the solar panels they’ve installed, can provide a battery backup to get our island connected during the next emergency situation, which is vital to our public safety.

We are at a complete loss without Love City Community Network. Anyone who is willing to sign and support this petition, please include your personal story as to why LCCN is crucial to the island and people of St. John.