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Separate Class Rankings at Granby High School

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At Granby High School, a school in which I attend, they offer an IB program in which people have to apply to be apart of.  Students whom take part in the program are placed in advance weighted classes. These classes are weighted completely different than non-IB classes.Since not all schools offer IB, only one in each school district, it is unfair to the non-IB that they're put at a disadvantage, because where they go to school. So students that are in IB have an unfair advantage to those whom are not in the program. The students in non-IB classes have no chance to be a valedictorian or salutatorian. I feel that class ranking should be separated between ib and non-IB so all students have a fair chance to prosper and to achieve great things. Non-IB students are faced with the same day to day problems that IB students are faced with, as in balancing school and extra curriculars, homework, and keeping up with our grades, yet non-IB students are ranked academicly lower than ib students. As our high school years come to an end one student is given the title of valedictorian, based off of whom has the highest gpa, but that position is practically impossible for most students at Granby high school because of one simple reason, IB and non-IB class rankings are not separated. 

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