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Mental Health Professionals Say Trump Needs Urgent Evaluation for Dangerousness

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We, the undersigned mental health professionals, (please add your name AND your license) believe that Mr. Donald J. Trump is a danger to others by reason of mental illness. We respectfully request that he be immediately detained and evaluated, in accordance with D.C. Code Ann. § 21-521, Section 9.37 of the New York Mental Health Hygiene Law, and similar codes in the United States, in order to assess his need for treatment as well as competency for the duties of his office.

Sent to the attention of Dr. Gary Belkin, Director of Community Services (New York City, New York) in his capacity as an individual having the legal authority to detain Donald J. Trump for a mental health evaluation as a danger to others. Signed by licensed clinicians and composed by a mental health professional who performs the same duties in Washington State (Diane Jhueck, LMHC DCR) in collaboration with a forensic psychiatrist specializing in violent risk assessment, board certified and licensed in New York State (Bandy Lee, MD, MDiv). 


Petition to request involuntary admission under Section 9.37 of the Mental Health Hygiene Law of Donald John Trump (“patient”) as a danger to others. The undersigned are licensed mental health professionals or Medical Doctors, residing in the United States of America.  

We the undersigned request immediate application by the New York County DCS for transport and admission of Donald John Trump (DOB 06/14/1946) to a certified psychiatric unit for the purpose of evaluation under Section 9.37 of the Mental Health Hygiene Law as a danger to others. Our rationale is as follows.  

High likelihood of several psychiatric diagnoses:

A preponderance of recorded behaviors directly from patient observation in common domains, which present an enduring and inflexible pattern of abnormal cognition, affect, interpersonal functioning and impulse control. To rule out the possibility of:

a. Antisocial Personality Disorder (pervasive pattern of violation of the rights of others; deceitful, impulsive, irritable/aggressive, consistent failure to honor financial obligations),

b. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (pervasive grandiosity, need for admiration, lack of empathy; expectation of being viewed as superior without commensurate achievements, unreasonable sense of entitlement, interpersonally exploitative, arrogant, envy driven), and/or,

c. Histrionic Personality Disorder (pervasive excessive emotionality and attention seeking; distress if not center of attention, interactions often characterized by inappropriate sexual behavior, labile, speech is impressionistic and lacks detail, self-dramatizing/theatrical, easily influenced by others, considers relationships to be more intimate than they are).  

High likelihood of a major neurological diagnosis:

A preponderance of recorded statements by patient in the written record, video, radio and “Twitter” common domain, including but not limited to patient’s chronological age, his biological father’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, apparent covering by his three oldest children who have assumed historically unprecedented roles related to his Presidency, amnestic presentation, behavioral variants as well as language variants; the undersigned request an evaluation of patient’s major neurocognitive functioning in order to rule out Alzheimer’s Disease.  


There is a disturbing and urgent public record of statements from patient in the video, radio and “Twitter” common domain that suggest a dangerousness to others that has already occurred and is likely to increase. While there are myriad examples, the Southern Poverty Law Center has currently recorded 1,000 cases of violence against others which they attribute to statements by patient at rallies held by him. Observations of one month in office have shown predictable signs of decline in function commensurate with the demands, and he has already carried out at least one careless action that led to many deaths and international condemnation. Regarding his statements in the public record related to our nuclear arsenal and his imminent personal control of the nuclear codes, patient has high potential to be a danger to ALL others.  

If any of the above potential diagnoses were true, the course of decline is likely to worsen as exposure to the high stresses of presidency continues. All evidence indicates that this has already begun, and our concern is that the public, inexperienced and unaware of the gravity of mental disorder, can be misled into colluding with patient symptoms until it is too late. 

The undersigned therefore urgently request that the Director of Community Services or designee of New York County (whether that is Gary Belkin, MD, PhD, or someone else) initiate a mental health detainment (Form OMH 457) under Emergency Standard (OMH 475A/475B) for an involuntary hold, as a danger to others.

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