CR/NCR option for Fall 2020 semester at the University of Waterloo

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The purpose of this petition is to motivate the University of Waterloo to follow suit with other Canadian institutions and offer a CR/NCR option for Fall 2020 courses. Being a student in the era of COVID 19 is stressful and that stress has taken a toll on many of our academic performances. The switch from in-person classes to online school for returning students was not a seamless one. We were not given the time to acclimate to our new normal and again this unfairly impacted many of us academically. Our first-years were forced to make the life-changing adjustment of high school to university life isolated due to COVID. They were thrown into an online school environment after being in person their entire educational career. The isolation from COVID 19 has also negatively impacted the mental health of many students and offering a CR/NCR option will take mental pressure off of many students. There have been many instances of poor mental health leading to deadly consequences due to COVID 19 and we believe it is in the best interest of the University of Waterloo to give students this option to lighten our loads. This term has been hard for all of us and making sure students are able to keep afloat with school, their mental health, and overall through life right now is really important.