Save 5th Grade Band & Orchestra in Central Kitsap School District!

Save 5th Grade Band & Orchestra in Central Kitsap School District!

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Jeremy Faxon
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Why Music? Why Band/Orchestra?

"MUSIC CREATES SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. The “learned outcome" of music study is a certain success blueprint."

It was officially announced today, April 24, 2020, that effective next school year 2020-2021 there will be no band or orchestra in 5th grade.  Not only do we see this as an emotionally charged issue at this time of great uncertainty in our world, we see this as having a great negative impact on our children's education. We the signers of this petition respectfully and with great urgency request this decision be rescinded immediately.

Having band and orchestra in 5th grade is critical! It is the only option for an extra curricular class, which gives all students a desire to try music out and at least learn how to read music. In middle school there will be more options, so lots of children who would have enjoyed music will never try it.

"There’s far more to this than investing in an instrument, scheduling lessons, driving to-and-from rehearsals, and/or attending concerts. The discipline of music making is transferable to every learning situation in and outside the academic community. We have pointed to music students as “the smartest and most responsible students in the school." We now understand it is really the study of music that puts them in this favorable posture alongside their non-musical counterparts. We must be cautious not to suggest “music makes you smarter," but we certainly can point to the overall accomplishments of the students of music and find a similar high level of achievement in both academic and non-academic arenas; this is NOT an accident or a coincidence."

"It is evident music education should be experienced by every student. We, as a culture, will be best served if the hearts and minds of our youth are filled with the knowledge and the understanding of MUSIC. The time has come, the time is now: