Cancel the changes to The Blue School Wells uniform

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We the Parents, pupils of The Blue School Wells and general public call upon the Governors of The Blue School Wells, to immediately reconsider the plan to change the school uniform.

We believe that the consultation has been biased, distorted and flawed,  we note the Governors have failed to publish the results of the 1st consultation, which in fact - however unintentionally - suggests promotion of their own agenda for change rather than reflecting the views of the consultation. We also note the Governors failure to hold any form of public meeting to discuss changes face to face with Parents and Pupils….and to offer a ridiculously short second period of consultation - effectively 3 working days!

The changes proposed by the Governors are seen as regressive, inappropriate if instigated during this period of increasing cuts, and as financially punitive to those on low incomes. We believe any progressive school will ensure that school uniform is widely available from a selection of high street shops, or if from limited supply must be competitively priced, with similar product available from high street chains.

We strongly believe that the current uniform strikes an excellent balance between ensuring children look smart, and is practical and comfortable, in a style that is reflective of modern society. It is not overly restrictive or unfashionable so the children are happy to wear it.