Petition Update

2,500 Goal Reached!

Nikki Everett
Laurel Springs, NC

Jan 21, 2013 — YAY for TEAM GLUTEN FREE! Please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! The more of your individual voices are heard the better. I am saving all of your signatures to share with the world!
When I was new to my daughter's diagnosis, we found that the squeaky wheel got the grease so to speak with restaurants, doctors, and everyone we encountered. The pride in our community feeling the same and standing up to be heard is wonderful. Please keep it up by Tweeting, FB, and all other avenues you can!
Thank you,
Nikki Everett
Director of Event Coordination
ECHO Event Solutions
Gluten Sensitivity Seminars, LLC
Founder ROCK (Raising Our Celiac Kids), Charlotte, N.C.