Petition Update

Please Share and Help Us Reach 2,500!

Nikki Everett
Laurel Springs, NC

Jan 11, 2013 — As we last updated, we are trying to hit 2,500 signatures so we can get another media outlet to cover the whole story. It is only with your help that this can be achieved. Please share this petition with anyone who might sign: Family, friends, co-workers. We feel that it is hugely important that media stop minimizing celiac disease and gluten intolerance because it only makes social perception even more confused that normal. We feel ALL media outlets should report factually on celiac disease and the seriousness of the illnesses that are related. With their help-, we can bridge gaps with the medical community and total awareness.

Thank you,
Nikki Everett
Director of Event Coordination
ECHO Event Solutions
Gluten Sensitivity Seminars, LLC
Founder ROCK (Raising Our Celiac Kids), Charlotte, N.C.