Petition Update

Don't Give Up Now! Share Celiac Awareness Recruit Signatures!

Nikki Everett
Laurel Springs, NC

Dec 14, 2012 — Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach the 2,300 mark in signatures! You all have given so many of us inspiration and motivation beyond words to continue advocating for more celiac awareness and for accurate information to be presented in the media. But, we cannot stop at 2,300 and urge you to share, share, share!
Jennifer Esposito has been tireless in her advocacy as well. We all owe her gratitude for bringing this disease more to the forefront than ever before. She told us on Twitter tonight that the Dr. Drew Show Producer has asked her to come back on the show. She is in a dilemma though because her trust in them presenting an accurate episode has been shaken terribly. We are trying to decide on whether to take this opportunity and another another media outlet to present the whole story, or trust that Dr. Drew will give the topic of celiac disease and leaky gut syndrome the attention it justly deserves.
We will keep you posted on progress as it occurs.
Thank you,