Dr Dennis Howard his killing Dancehall. Hitzzzz time to end his career .

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Any Jamaican who is  against their culture ain't a true patriot . Any Jamaican who believes in censorship and the monopoly  of our culture and style of music should be public enemy number one for persons who believe in the freedom of expression .  

September  2016 ,the RJRGleaner communication group announces its post amalgantion  management team . It had Dr Dennis Howard general manager  of Radio Services . Dr Howard  a musicologist is one of the harshest critics of Dancehall music from the 90's .Therefore certain moves never surprised many of us Dancehall fans in January of 2017 .Many of us are still unclear if  the banning of Dancehall music from the RJRGleaner communication group with regard to Hitz 92fm and the hand picking of which Dancehall songs can play on the other RJR radio stations  is apart  of its new policy or this is Mr Howard own venture. 

Many of  us Jamaicans  tune into Hitz 92 fm (Formerly JBC Radio 2 )  or FAME 95 fm for  Entertainment and Sports  only . If we want to listen to current affairs we listen to RJR 94 fm . Hitz 92fm was a Sports,Reggae and Dancehall radio station.According to the harsh Dancehall critic the station is now a Sports and  Reggae  station only . 

If it weren't for  Bob Marley's Internation success the Reggae critics back would've killed Reggae.Because according to them our culture is only Ska and Rock Steady and Mento music  back then,not Reggae.


Having  FAME household names like Kurt Riley, Curvy Diva, Nikki Z, Sanjay and DJ Nicco all leaving because of the 'creative direction' of management is not a good look .Also having HITZ household names like Izahbling and DJ Raff gone are big losses to that station. 

We dancehall fans will concede  the point that RJR/Gleaner communiction groups is a private company.But they also have to concede the point that we the consumers value more .Also we the dancehall fans will also concede that not all Dancehall songs are radio friendly even after editing. But his Dr Howard telling us that all  Dancehall songs is about Sex and Gun ? 

Its time for the Dancehall community to show their power and strength and call for the sacking of Dr Dennis Howard. If the RJR/Gleaner group plan to stick with Dennis Howard we the Dancehall lovers will is calling on the Entertainment and Culture minister to do something about this issue.Or we  will target the sponsors of RJR/Gleaner communication Group.