Milk bank facilities should be there in all government hospitals across Maharashtra.

Milk bank facilities should be there in all government hospitals across Maharashtra.

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Hussain Doctor started this petition to Dr. Deepak Sawant and

Milk bank facilities should be there in all district level government hospitals across Maharashtra.
Every Hospital should have pumping room with facilities / feeding rooms.

"Let's join hands to fight for the right of the neonates, that is breastmilk."
According to World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative, launched in 2004, India ranks 78 out of the 97 countries under their assessment for policies and programmes related to breastfeeding where Sri Lanka ranks 1, Bangladesh 3rd, Afghanistan 6th and Pakistan 23rd. So what is the use of us being called more developed than our neighbouring nations if we cannot take care of the nutrition of our infants !
Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey, both for mother as well as the baby. Baby has just blossom from the bud and if he doesn't get the proper nutrition, life ahead at him may will be at stake.
We have seen many mothers moving to other feeds due to various reasons. One such feed is formula feed. formula feed sets up a vicious cycle in the mother and baby and getting child back to breastfeeding is difficult . A mother suffers from engorgement and eventually mastitis or even land up in stopping the breastfeeding fully.
Other reasons why formula feed is not superior is that, it lacks infection fighting antilbodies, growth hormone promoting factor while breast milk has the essential proteins and fatty acid acids in proper quantities.
A child who is not breastfed remains more susceptible to infections like gastrointestinal infections and have higher risk of developing metabolic disorders like diabetes type 2 in adulthood. There are many long term effects too such as obesity, lower IQ. This eventually increases the overall morbidity rate. So it always necessary for humans to destroy all the processes that are provided by nature?
But there are problems where the mother is neither able to breastfeed nor is she able to pump. But should this be the end to it? No, we humans have advanced so much that nothing is impossible for us. We can provide the child with donor’s milk, Instead of formula milk. If a person can donate blood to save other person’s life then why can’t mothers donate breast milk to save the child from entering the vicious cycle of annihilation?
Practically any mother can donate milk and in return it will help her to have more supply too. Mothers who are suffering from engorgement or have weaned their child but are still lactating, can also voluntarily go to these banks and can donate milk. So that other babies who are not fortunate enough to have their own mother's milk can get the benefits of human milk from this banks.
This initiative has proven very effective for infants in NICU. Best part of such banks are, they are cost effective so that a poor mother can also afford it. So a milk bank facilities at every district level government hospital across Maharashtra should be made available.
Similarly , a mother visiting hospital with her baby may need to feed baby while waiting or may want to pacify crying baby by breastfeeding. A female hospital staff at work may want to pump at work . Creating breastfeeding enabling hospital environment by providing pumping room / feeding room in each and every hospital.
"When we grow up, we are taught about basic fundamental rights, that are for us and we always fight to protect them.
then why don't we fight for the basic rights which the neonate deserve, when he/she is just a day old?"
Please sign petition to make the hospitals breastfeeding friendly – for babies , for mothers and for hospital staff. Sigh petition because human babies deserve human milk.

Thank you!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!