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Graham Pettinger
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Nov 24, 2015 — After what seems like a very long wait, we have now been informed by the CCG that the newly formed Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC) has considered our application, and has agreed that we DO fulfil the criteria for Special case consideration, based on the high levels of need of our practice population which are not covered by the Carr-Hill funding formula, and which threaten our practice with the risk of closure as a result of MPIG funding withdrawal.

Although the level of support available etc has not yet been agreed, this is still very good news for the practice and our patients in these challenging days of cuts and constraints.
THANKS SO MUCH for all your support so far! The level of support from our patients and many others has been tremendous, and has made a big impact on a wide circle of people.
In particular, we are so pleased with the even closer links that have been formed between the practice and many of our patients, and we will continue to build on this - we may well need your further support in days to come!

We believe the Government and NHSE must continue to urgently review the current funding formula and contract structure to give ongoing support and security to ALL practices delivering health care to the most needy and disadvantaged patients, and we will continue to press NHSE and the CCG to address this, and the issue of Health Inequalities across the city, as they develop their Primary Care Strategy.

Maddy Ruff, the new CCG Accountable Officer, did visit us to discuss our concerns for our patients and the future of the practice, in the light of MPIG withdrawal, and although the decision regarding Special Case assistance was made by the PCCC, we are grateful to Maddy for listening.

We now need to discuss the particular needs of our patient population and ways forward for providing care with the Commissioning Executive Team.

This feels like the start of the next stage, rather than an end point, but nonetheless THANKS AGAIN for helping convince the CCG and so many others that the practice and it's patients are a special case..

We will continue to add updates as discussions progress..

Graham Pettinger


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