End the failed War on Drugs in New Zealand

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Dear David Clark

In 2001, Portugal decriminalised the possession,use and in some cases medical uses of all previously illicit substances, for those aged 18 and over. Drug addiction was now only a health issue and allowed law enforcement authorities the opportunity to deal to more harmful criminal offending, as did New Zealand in 2003 when it decriminalized prostitution for adults.

In Switzerland, similar practices have been implemented with needle exchange programmes.
Why is this important?
This issue is important to New Zealand as family violence and sex crime have a low conviction rate. However, our prisons and our communities have many "offenders," who are otherwise decent reasonable citizens.

By changing these drug laws, otherwise good people who are reasonable citizens would not be arrested and then "named and shamed," in our court news reports and the money wasted in our justice system could be spent more effectively on crime prevention and health care.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark is of the opinion that drugs is a health and not of crime https://www.drugfoundation.org.nz/news-media-and-events/helen-clark-outlines-solid-case-for-law-reform/