Zero Tolerance Bullying in Abilene ISD

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My 12 year old son has been a victim of bullying for years and so have my other 4 children. I hear about other kids being bullied almost daily from my children and other parents. Abilene ISD claims to have a zero tolerance policy yet it isn't being enforced. My 12 year old at the beginning of the school year was being bullied and assaulted by one particular child and when my son went to his coaches he was basically told to be quiet and sit down and that it wasn't a big deal. My son ended up defending himself against this child and had charges filed against him yet the child that was bullying him received no punishment at all. My son was telling me daily he wanted to kill himself. This is not okay for any child to have to experience. I have filed an online bullying report and was ignored. Even teachers are being bullies. This is NOT okay. Something needs to change. Bullying needs to be taking seriously no matter what and the zero tolerance policy needs to be enforced.

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Dr. Dan Dukes
Director Of Student Services
325-677-1444 ext 7584