Online Submission of Final Semester Project.

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In light of the recent efforts by Manipal Universities effort to go paper-free, the outgoing batch (2014-18) of MIT, Manipal would like to make its contribution. Every year the entire batch is expected to submit a hard copy of their final year project. The Project which generally has 50+ A4 sized sheet eats dust for the rest of its life and if its lucky gets utilized for some Chai-Samosa.

Creating a single A4 sheet requires 1) 22.5 g  Chemicals 2) 665 ml  Water 3) 3.5 ml  Oil or 5 grams of coal 4) 20 cc Wood & 5) 23.76 kJ Power. However, we have over 1500 students, which amounts to no less than 75,000 (1500x50) A4 sheets (excluding the reprints asked by professors due to minor formatting errors and heavier outer binding). We would like you to allow us to submit our project report either via email or through a portal to the concerned professor.

I would like to request the concerned authorities to look into it and bring it into effect with the same HASTE that they had to stop the publishing of our yearbook. 

Warm Regards

Environment-Friendly Students 

(Batch of 2018)