Poor administration in SMS hospital jaipur

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Being in SMS hospital, jaipur for 3 days was a nightmare for d whole family. To our utter surprise the hospital functions on self-service practice. Can u imagine operating a trolley, wheelchair, YES if u have to take your patient to any floor, for ct-scan, X-ray, mri  - Simply first search for a trolley as  pput your patient on d trolley push it to the required floor for tests. 

This is just the start , empty the urine bag yourself, help d patient for washroom, change d clothes yourself, change the bedsheets , operate the drip bottles.......endless means once you are with your loved one for treatment you end up being a wardboy......

’cause d actual appointed nursing staff is a virtual entity in d hospital which only appears just 10-15 minutes before d doctors visit. Soon after they disappear. 

Nursing staff and d other staff as security guard, lift operators r just RUDE and INSULTING as if they r here to just insult everyone no matter a woman, senior citizen ... they address as oyeeee.....aeeeee very rude and in-humane

But above all Doctors in d hospital are amazing , perfect & d best. It is ‘cause of them that all d above nonsense has to be accepted 

I would like to request d administration authorities to kindly understand d problems faced by the people and take up some action so that d patients can get d proper services with due respect not as charity. 

Or if situation is unmanageable, hand it over to private agency to give better services probably TATA as they have proven to be the best in customer services than any of the governments.