Video of the pressure cooker environment from Family Court leading to child murder.

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The pressure cooker environment of family court causes an enormous amount of stress to a family and can contribute to some family members taking extreme measures such as murdering their own children or grandchildren. The presence of AB:PA or indicators thereof should act as major red flags to the authorities that the safety of children is at risk.

In many countries the authorities refuse to accept codes in DSM5 that identify the stresses to families such as 309.4 Adjustment Disorder with mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct V61.20 Parent-Child Relational Problem V61.29 Child Affected by Parental Relationship Distress. The only way many governments will take action to recognise this pathology is if the public can see a link between the pathology and child deaths.

A video needs to be prepared by a mental health professional competent in AB:PA explaining the link between the pathology and extreme actions by family members such as murdering their own children. The best professional for this would be Dr Craig Childress.