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Keep the price of Staples High School parking stickers at $50

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Dr. Palmer,

We understand that there are serious budgetary issues that our school district is facing, and we appreciate the need to make up the $977,000 shortfall. We also understand that this is not the ideal situation. But we ask that the administration find a different way to make up this shortfall than increasing the burden on the student body. At the moment, Senior stickers cost $50, which is affordable and reasonable. An increase to $150 would make it untenable for families and students, many of whom pay for their own vehicle costs. Westport is a wealthy town, and families who live here pay their fair share in property taxes and contribute to the school with their time and money. But many juniors anticipate eagerly being able to park on campus and are willing to pay a reasonable price for parking stickers. $150 is excessive and will discourage students from paying for spots. We respectfully ask that in your consideration for the budget next year, you reconsider raising the prices of tickets and instead find alternative ways to fill part of the shortfall. Increasing the burden on students and their families is an easy method for the administration, but unfair to students. In an interview with Inklings, Mr. Franzis stated that "Parking is a privilege, it’s not a right." We respectfully disagree. Many students have a packed day before and after school, with practices, tutoring, jobs, family commitments and community services. These are not optional for us -- they are expected. Buses can take up to thirty minutes to reach our homes from the end of the school day. For juniors and seniors, parking at school is crucial in maintaining our schedules. 

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