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Return of the Applied Petroleum Geoscience MSc at the University of Derby

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Due to the sudden cancellation of the Applied Petroleum Geoscience MSc at the University of Derby, many students’ futures have become unstable. It is now too late to apply for other courses or to seek most open graduate positions. We were not included in the decision making process and we have been most affected by this.

We were notified about this change 3 days before an exam and we do not have the time to search for other options. The choice to remove the course this late is unfair and the consequences on the students has not been considered. The decision should have been made earlier or we should have been told that this course was under review, so we could make other arrangements for our education.   

Some students have placed deposits on houses for the next academic year which will cause problems for them financially due to the sudden cancellation. The returning student discount was an attractive component for students choosing the University of Derby to study, as money saved from the course would help with living costs or visas for international students. Other Universities will not offer this and will make our masters experience more challenging by having to juggle finance and education, more so than at undergraduate level. There was sufficient interest within the first and second years of the Geology BSc, let alone potential external applicants and now they cannot continue their education within the petroleum world at the University of Derby. The course ran last year with only 3 students, there has been over double the applications from just current third year students and potentially more for the subsequent years.

This petition has been made to show that the interest for this course is still here and we want our voices heard. This decision has affected our education and future careers, we are all struggling to deal with this during the most important time in our final year of our undergraduate study; revision, exam period and upcoming fieldwork. Signing this petition will show the Dean of Environmental Sciences and other associated members that we would like a return of the course for the academic year of 2018/19. 

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