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The La Jolla High School administration has resolved to cut Shauna Brammer's Honors Anatomy and Physiology course from LJHS curriculum beginning in the 2017-18 school year. Not only does this reduce the broad range of topics available for study at LJHS, it eliminates one of the more unique classes available to the students. 

This class gives the students at LJHS the opportunity to explore courses that aren't typically covered by common core standards and could open interest for many different and significant education routes for the future. For those that already know they want to be a part of the medical field, HP Anatomy/Physiology holds the opportunity to preview and get a jump-start on the material soon to be covered in their next chapter of education.

While the new bio-med courses from Project Lead the Way are another option, they hardly compete with Brammer's personally designed course. The curriculum that she has created is used in all schools in the San Diego Unified School District that offer it. She has also been asked by the district to create a 50 question Anatomy/Physiology final that will be administered to students all throughout the district starting this year- nobody else is qualified enough.

All of her labs and curriculum have been specifically designed for this class, not made as a cookie-cutter course where all of the answers to worksheets are online. Brammer's course includes labs and lectures that come from a variety of sources - including UCSD material - all of which have been in development for around thirty years. Her course is not designed as a self-study, but an engaging lecture-based class that prepares students accurately for any college physiology pathway. Many of Brammer's former students have moved on successfully into the medical field.

It's not just that Shauna Brammer's class is older or better than these new Project Lead the Way courses; Brammer is more qualified to teach anatomy and physiology than any other teacher on campus. Teaching anatomy and physiology is her passion in life - and it clearly shows in every period she instructs - all of which are completely filled. Her curriculum comes from her own learning, not an online source. Do not let this highly praised and long-developed course disappear in exchange for an online, standardized program that has only been around for a few years.

Shauna Brammer acknowledges that physiology is not standard curriculum for high school, she advertises an open-door policy, encouraging parents, students, and other administration to observe her course on any given day. If you are curious to see what might disappear next year from LJHS, visit room 910 and see for yourself. This is our school as much as it is the administration's. As students, parents, staff, and community members, it is our responsibility to protect what makes LJHS one of the top schools in California. Do not let this program disappear!

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