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These students are saying the Paramount is derogatory towards women. But they forget the women chose to work there of their own free will and they are treated fairly and paid well. Who are these students to say what is derogatory to women when they have no idea what the Paramount is all about. They haven't engaged the management in dialogue. They have just decided to protest it based on what they assume happens. Women and men are free to choose to go and see these women perform. And the women are free to come and take off their clothes for money. This is a legal and legitimate business that is fair to patron and employee alike. If you wish to protest a club such as this do some research and choose one that is unfair and allows it's employees to be treated inappropriately. Leave the Paramount alone. For more information on this go to

Letter to
Principal Mary O'Neill Dr. Charles Best Secondary
Mayor of the City of New Westminster Wayne Wright
New Westminster City Council
and 1 other
Coquitlam City Councilor Selina Robinson
Leave the Paramount Gentlemen's club alone.

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