Stop Hot Car Deaths Using In-Car Technology

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Hot car deaths involving children are a too-common summer event, especially in the sunbelt states.   Children die (sometimes it's pets, too), and lives of the adults in the situation are ruined by guilt, divorce, shuttered daycares, even suicide.  As much as I wish we could solve this problem through education or perhaps legislation, the answer has to be something more automatic and foolproof. 

If a crib design is faulty, only a few children die before the CPSC requires a recall. If pull cords on blinds strangle three or four children, the government requires the design to be changed. Hundreds and HUNDREDS of children have died in hot cars, yet there is no solution. 

I am submitting a petition to require the addition of some pretty basic technology to all new cars that will prevent nearly all hot car deaths and save the lives of our precious children.

I am asking that all new cars sold in the United States be equipped with an in-car thermometer and a carbon dioxide sensor (which would sense the air exhaled by a child in an enclosed space).  Many cars already have the thermometer, and the CO2 sensor is an existing piece of technology. 

A simple program could be written into the car's computer to say if the car interior temperature is above "X" and the CO2 level is above "Y" (I will leave those values up to the experts), then roll down the power windows and start honking the horn.   This accomplishes the goal of lowering the interior temperature and draws attention to the vehicle. 

Can you picture the tearful but grateful mother being interviewed on Good Morning America who may not have even known this technology was in her car?  But there she sits with her very much alive toddler in her lap.  That is the picture I want to see on the news, and that is why I am submitting this petition.



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