Change the tone of the starting and ending bell.

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During the first day of school today the new seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen experienced a new bell tone. At first, the thought was that we would get used to the new tone but after hearing it for 9 periods in a row we learned that the new tone would not stop scaring us out of our seats.

While we do appreciate the new school-wide PA system and could not comprehend the amount of work that went into implementing it, there needs to be a change. We understand that some kinks might have to be ironed out before its optimal application is met. However, based on today it can be said that the new tone is too loud and high pitched to allow for a smooth transition between periods. Many people have said that the tone is reminiscent of Amber alerts that we receive on our cell phones or even the alarms associated with air raids. This alarm could be traumatizing for past victims of flash floods and other natural disasters as the tone of the alarm could trigger negative memories. Students of all grades have reported that the new alarm has startled them more than once and would be grateful for a tone change. We have also witnessed teachers complaining about the new tone calling it "startling" in most cases. In essence, we are asking for the alarm tone to be changed to the one used in previous years or a new tone be selected with a lower pitch and volume. Thank you for your time.

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