Apologize to the 2015 Washington D.C Endo Marchers

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The way you treated our endo sisters the day of the 2015 Endo March in Washington, D.C, was completely unacceptable. This event was not well thought out or planned. There was a lot of confusion and heartbreak the day of the march. Many endometriosis sisters left before the reception had even started! Many felt as though they were stood up, abandoned and mislead. Women and families gathered for this event from all over the world. Most of the volunteers and PM's had endometriosis affect them in some way which is why they were there supporting this cause. 

Let us be clear, it is NOT okay to leave endometriosis patients outside in 30 degree weather for well over two hours not knowing what is going on. It is NOT okay to plan everything last minute when there are people flying in from all over the world. It is NOT okay to force endometriosis patients to find their own transportation or walk to each location when the cause itself is for a debilitating chronic pain condition. It is NOT okay for the coordinator to have her phone turned off the day of the event. It is NOT okay for the coordinator to be MIA the day of the event. 

It is NOT okay for you to make us feel so mistreated. 

We gathered together to raise awareness, end the silence and support each other. 

We are asking for an apology from the planner and coordinator, Barbara Page.

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