To provide leave between semester exams.

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Dear All,

We would like to bring to your attention that currently the semester examination for B.Tech in SRM University is conducted without any leave between two exams.

Most of us are exhausted by the time we reach the last exam. All we ask is, minimum one day leave, so that we get to atleast rest a little after an exam, because half a day is just not enough to both rest and study the entire syllabus for exam.

       The students following the Anna university syllabus have this great advantage over the SRM students, as they are given more days to prepare than actually needed.

 It can be seen  that in this method of conducting exams daily, the performance of any average student tends to decrease as each day goes by, due to overexertion.

So we sincerely request you to kindly grant us a leave of atleast one day between exams.