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Change waller high School dress code!

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Waller high school dress code really needs to change.  Imposing gender stereotypes in a school is not your job as educators. Forcing boys to cut there hair because it's "distracting" is Ridiculous. If girls having long hair isn't distracting how is it for a boy? It's not. If girls having earings isn't distracting then how is it if a boy dose? These dress codes are sexist and need to change. It's 2017 give us a education and stop judging our fashion choices. Kids shouldn't be denied there learning opportunities because they don't fit the schools standards for there style.  Style should be up to the student as long as it's not inappropriate and disturbing another's education it should be fine. Now we know that these things, (hair length and earings) arnt distracting because girls wear them no problem. These rules for dress code should be changed they are out dated and are not helping our school do what they need to witch is giving it's students a better education! 

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