Make non-medical masks or face covering mandatory in public enclosed areas of BC

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As the cases of COVID-19 begin to rise again, it is very important that everyone does their part to flatten the curve and prevent the spread of the virus. Most people wear masks in public areas but there are still some that do not. The province of Alberta has mandated the use of non-medical face masks and face coverings in public areas and places with a high population density. To reduce the infection rates and cases, we will have to enforce mask-wearing mandatory in public enclosed areas and public transit for everyone. This excludes customers of restaurants. However, it should also be required for the staff and employees of the restaurant.

WHO and CDC both recommend that everyone wears a face covering of any kind, it is important that we follow their advice to slow down the virus before fall hits us with a second and deadlier wave. Social distancing will also be implied but as far as our concerns, some areas make it very difficult to maintain a 2-meter radial distance from others. Hence, while wearing a mask it will protect us when we enter other people’s bubbles.

As the fall weather is approaching, it is of extreme importance that we do not cause a second wave of the virus. Germs and bacteria are far more likely to travel from person to person. And more people will be staying in enclosed spaces due to the cooler weather, the risk of infections is due to rise.

Below are some sources and articles that will help us consider the use of non-medical masks and face coverings:,droplets%20that%20can%20travel%20farther