Standing for Equality of Rights & Individualized Funding

Standing for Equality of Rights & Individualized Funding

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Dr. Bonnie Henry, Community Living British Columbia, Vela Canada

Why this petition matters

Started by Crystal Leese

A recent mandate that all being paid by  Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) funding  for daily living supports must be vaccinated, this includes those receiving individualized funding.   This mandate extends to any person in contact (friend, family, volunteer) with someone supported by CLBC funding requires vaccination for Covid-19.  

Why does someone requiring support lose their choice in who comes into their home and whom they can maintain a friendship? 

Individualized funding is provided to parents, family and friends whom are involved in directing a person's supports - these people are unpaid for their role and have a genuine interest in the persons best quality of life. Supports are typically directed from a person's private residence home and are one on one support in the community.  

There is an aging population of people whom have lived experience in institutions and are hesitant on trusting the government knowing what's best for them, based on a history of abuse and neglect.   This mandate removes all choice of whom a person hires for support and in my opinion is a scary step backwards when society believes that strangers (Dr. Bonnie Henry, PHO) know what's best for someone over their own parents.  

Prior to the pandemic the Healthcare system was already overworked and underpaid, anybody working the Frontline knows the level of turnover and difficultly in finding and maintaing suitable staff.   The mandate adds an additional barrier to an already strained system.   Specifically anyone receiving a daily rate for funding which is set by the government as a "live in support worker" rate of $113.50 for 24 hours!!!

The payscale of Frontline worker's is just another example of how society views of segregating people in institutions continues to impact the value in which we give to those supporting their individual lives.  Any parent can tell you that their child's quality of life is dependent on the support they receive, building skills and independence is the goal of individualized funding.  

Ignorance is not bliss.... just because something is not impacting you negatively doesn't mean it isn't doing that to others.   This mandate meant to protect our most vulnerable is actually going to harm them most, when existing staff whom know a person well are terminated and hiring new staff is already scarce.   

History has shown that a loss of rights and freedom didn't start out so obvious or happen quickly- being united on human rights is where we need to stand regardless of vaccination choice! 



108 have signed. Let’s get to 200!