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Ensure Our San Carlos/Mariposa Students Have the Best Learning Available Next Year

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The fall plans for San Carlos' new upper elementary school, Mariposa, are in chaos.  This petition calls for an emergency board meeting to enact this proposal for our children.

(Here are highlights from last week's School Board meeting: the construction update, Mr. Triska's thoughts and the group's discussion.)

The new school classrooms will not be available until December 2017, at the earliest, but could possibly be later, and the much-hyped common areas will be under construction until summer 2018. In any situation, our students will not have a completed campus next academic year. 

In a March 15 email, Mr. Triska offered four potential solutions for our incoming 4th and 5th graders. The fourth option (delay opening by a year) lacks clear language about where our children would actually be learning. Each of these options as written is substandard and not acceptable. We believe strongly that every child in our district deserves the best possible learning environment.

Several parents from Arundel, Heather and Tierra Linda have come together and identified a better solution for our children's 2017/2018 school year:

4th graders should stay at their current school (Arundel or Heather) for the complete school year, in the current 4th grade classrooms. Incoming 5th graders should move to Tierra Linda's current 5th grade classrooms for the entire school year. Mariposa should not open until 2018/2019. 


This recommendation is based on three guiding principles:

  • We believe kids should not move if they have no place to go. (If Mariposa is not ready, then kids should stay where they are.)
  • We believe students should have classrooms. (Current 4th graders already have classrooms, and we should keep these classrooms for 4th graders until Mariposa is ready.)
  • We  believe that we should plan for the full academic year. (Mariposa will not be ready by December, so kids should stay in the 4th grade classrooms the full year.)


WHAT'S NEXT?  Coming together with a unified voice quickly gives us the best opportunity of helping our children. If you agree with this option - and I hope you do - please help.

1.  Join our many voices with this one message and support the best possible solution for our children.
2.  Sign this petition right this minute and add comments. Several parents will deliver these signatures and feedback to the Board and Mr. Triska at Tuesday’s meeting and follow up at Wednesday's meeting.
3.  Attend one (or both) of the upcoming meetings: Tuesday @ 5:30pm at the TL Library, Wednesday @ 5:30pm at Heather or Monday April 3rd @ 5:30pm at the TL Library.
4. Forward this petition to our fellow parents for support.

THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR CHILDREN'S ADVOCATES.  It's time for us to stand up, be heard and drive the best possible outcomes for our students. 

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