Repressive desublimation: Reading Musil to avoid MA thesis insanity. Also, LIFE.

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We, the undersigned (henceforth referred to as "We"), put forth our plea for a decent close-reading tutorial conducted under the supervision of the adressee (henceforth referred to as "Ansgar") to be carried out in the upcoming spring term of the academic year 2018/19. It has come to our attention that the necessity of such an endeavor is gravely felt by a considerable number of students at this our educational institution, the University of Amsterdam (UvA). In reference to conversations at the end of the spring term of the academic year 2017/18, "we" suggest the following thematic agenda: Robert Musil's "Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften" (A Man without qualities; henceforth referred to as "the text") shall be read in a series of eight to ten sessions, each focusing on subsequent sections of 100+ pages of the text, with the possible addition of secondary literature (henceforth referred to as "Walter Benjamin").

To underscore the seriousness of our intentions, "we" hereby provide "Ansgar" with written commitment to submit 3000 word research papers about "the text" with adequate recourse to "Walter Benjamin". Pinky swear. For our promise to be reciprocally met, "we" demand the ghost that wills evil, yet eternally does good (henceforth referred to as "Mephi") to attend at least a third of the seminar's sessions. "We" really like Mephi.

Despite the joking undertone of this petition, "we" actually are serious about our intentions. "Ansgar's" tutorials are really good.