Art Lab Fee = Extortion

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As a full-time student with a full-time job solely responsible for my own support, it is critical that I carefully plan and budget every penny in order to continue pursuit of my degree. I am certain I am not alone in this respect.

An email from UA-Little Rock was sent to students the first week of October indicating that due to a bookkeeping error on the part of UALR Bursar Laura McCarty students would be charged an additional lab fee here at the midpoint of the semester. After exhausting the chain of command at UA-Little Rock first with Bursar Laura McCarty and then with Assoc. Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration Darrell Morrison the only response given was the lab fee was approved by the University of Arkansas Board and would be levied. This stance leaves students with no recourse but to pay the fee which at this late date is tantamount to extortion. It is important to note that UALR has not provided any expendable materials or lab supplies for which students are being charged.

Shoddy bookkeeping on the part of the university should not create unnecessary financial burdens for the students who help pay the salaries of school personnel. An unexpected and unplanned for charge halfway through the semester will leave some students already struggling to pay for classes with less money for food, rent, or other financial obligations not to mention the added stress and time taken away from studies.

With this in mind, we the undersigned students negatively impacted by this incident respectfully request the intervention of UA-Little Rock Chancellor Rogerson. We specifically request this bookkeeping error not be passed onto students, but be absorbed by UA-Little Rock.