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Fire Bryan Hicks

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Bryan Hicks was hired as AAMU athletics director prior to the start of the 2012 school year. Since his hire, Alabama A&M has yet to produce a winning season in any sport besides the 2014 bowling team, which has spoiled the student athlete and alumni experience. Sports such as soccer and tennis have winning percentages less than .300. Bryan Hicks fired Anthony Jones and Arethias Warmley, both of whom had overall winning records, produced satisfactory APR results and had favorable opinions of their student athletes. Their replacements have yet to produce a winning season. 

The SWAC Commissioner's Cup measures the performance of an entire athletic program by accounting for wins, losses and conference titles. Alabama A&M has finished in the bottom 3rd of the SWAC Commissioner's Cup every season during Hicks' tenure, with no conference championships produced in any sport besides bowling. For both the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons, Alabama A&M finished dead last by a wide margin, which indicates the entire athletic department is in poor health unbecoming of a university with our enrollment and revenue figures.

Under Bryan Hicks, Alabama A&M has raised millions of dollars in guarantee revenue “money games” in football and withheld amounts in both men's and women's basketball, putting student athletes under unnecessary stress and physical danger. The athletic department has yet to produce any positive results which would justify the money game revenue. The 2017 football season currently has games scheduled against UAB, South Alabama and Vanderbilt, which will saddle the football team with an automatic 3 losses. Since no sport can compete in its own conference, it is asinine to force the teams to play against multiple schools with such a gap in talent, scholarship amounts and facilities. Bryan Hicks has also failed to form fruitful relationships with former student athletes, alumni or the local community.

The final straw was the mistreatment of the 2006 championship football team and the 2005 championship basketball team. The 2006 team had to approach Hicks to be honored for the 10th anniversary at Homecoming and was disregarded of their request. A wise athletic director would have reached out to the team and offered such, as is custom at other universities.

The athletics department has been an embarrassment to the university, students, student athletes and alumni, therefore Bryan Hicks must be removed as athletics director and replaced with one who has a track record of producing more favorable results. We demand his immediate removal, therefore keeping him from making any further decisions that jeopardize the image of the university. 

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