It's time for the Galloping Ghost to gallop & go!

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Before I unravel the title, I would like to share my experiences with you. My name is Dawn Sandy and I am proudly a graduate of Abington Senior High School. I am proudly from Abington, Pennsylvania. I am proudly a Caribbean-American woman approaching graduation from college in May.

In recent news, Abington Senior High is being renamed due to a very generous donation. With this change, I believe this is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. It's time for the Galloping Ghost to gallop and go.

Many people know the ghost as Harold Edward "Red" Grange, the 3x All American athlete from Wheaton, Illinois. He was a triple threat dominating in Track & Field, Football and Baseball. Out of honor, Abington took on Grange's legacy after a visit and become the Galloping Ghosts. His athleticism will never be forgotten, he is one of the best.

Unfortunately, the depiction of Abington's mascot is insensitive to the multicultural communities of people who reside in the school district. The Galloping Ghost was a football player, the mascot is a Klansman. "No place for hate" is a proclamation Abington stands by. With that being, it's hard to fathom a mascot that undeniably looks like a Klu Klux Klan member riding a horse is a representation of a school that claims it doesn't perpetuate or tolerate hate. The KKK is America's first terrorist group that is known for lynchings, murders of black children, antisemitism, homophobia and ethnic bigotry. All of which Abington proclaims to be against. 

With a new name, there isn't a better time for Abington Senior High to start fresh with a new mascot that isn't a replica of a Klans man. It is up to the Abington School District to abide by their own rules and regulations. A new mascot will "promote a sense of welcome and inclusion" of the diverse communities within the Abington School District. 

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