A Call For Repentance and Repair to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

A Call For Repentance and Repair to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

June 4, 2019
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Started by EmpowerWest

We, the undersigned, call for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to make an act of repentance and repair to descendants of American slavery for its leading role in crafting a moral and biblical defense of slavery; for its support of the Confederacy; for perpetuating the Lost Cause mentality; and for defending Jim Crow policies.

We call the Seminary to transfer a meaningful portion of its financial wealth to a black-led educational institution which is outside the Seminary’s sphere of influence.

While the weight of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s history is shared by its alumni and all Southern Baptists, we call specifically on Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to make a global moral witness by publicly bearing fruits of repentance as the natural and right response to its historic and undisputed role as chief apologists in defense of slavery.

Today Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has enormous potential for good. Just as Southern Baptist Theological Seminary led in dividing our nation before the Civil War, today Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has the opportunity to lead in reuniting our nation around the sacred vision of a people restored and whole. 

Across our country higher education institutions such as Georgetown, Princeton, Furman, Wake Forest, and University of Virginia are considering an act of repentance and repair for their roles in slavery. We call on Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to be the first to take the transforming initiative to transfer a portion of its wealth from a historically white institution to a historically black institution, specifically, Simmons College of Kentucky.

We issue this call in the spirit of peace and in confidence that new life await us all when we follow the sacred way.

Signed by the members of EmpowerWest:

Kevin W. Cosby, Pastor, St. Stephen Baptist Church; Co-chair EmpowerWest

Joe Phelps, Co-chair EmpowerWest

Jason Crosby, Pastor, Crescent Hill Baptist Church

Cynthia Campbell, Pastor, Highland Presbyterian Church

Bruce Williams, Pastor, Bates Memorial Baptist Church

Erica Whitaker, Pastor, Buechel Park Baptist Church

Frank Smith, Pastor, Christ Church for our Community

Kelly Kirby, Rector, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

Norman Sizemore, Pastor, Von Speigal Baptist Church

Greg Wright, Pastor, Plymouth United Church of Christ

Matt Johnson, Pastor, Ridgewood Baptist Church

Dale Raines, Pastor, St. Johns United Church of Christ

Troy Overton, Pastor, St. Edward Catholic Church

John Burke, Pastor, St. William Catholic Church

David Moose, Retired, United Methodist Church

Chris Caldwell, faculty, Simmons College of Kentucky

Ann Diebert, Pastor, Central Presbyterian Church

Kevin Gardner-Sinclair, Pastor, Broadway Baptist Church

R. L. McDonald, Pastor, First Philadelphia Church

Chris Sanders, Coordinator, EmpowerWest


Dr. Bill Leonard, Dunn Professor of Baptist Studies (emeritus), Wake Forest University

Dr. Molly T. Marshall, President, Central Seminary

Dr. Walter Brueggemann, William Marcellus McPheeters Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary

Dr. Frederick Douglas Haynes, III, Senior Pastor, Friendship-West Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

Dr. Cornel West, Harvard University

Dr. Dale Peterson, Dean of Students, Yale University Divinity School (retired)

Dr. David Cassady, President, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky

Dr. Samuel Tolbert, President, National Baptist Convention of America, and Senior Pastor,  Greater St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA

Dr. Bernard Crayton, President, General Association of Baptists in Kentucky, and Senior Pastor, Little Flock Missionary Baptist Church, Louisville

Charles Halton, former Instructor of Old Testament Interpretation at SBTS

Brian McLaren, Author and Public Theologian

Dr. Linda McKinnish Bridges, President, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond

Dr. Doug Weaver, Professor of Baptist Studies, Baylor University

Dr. Valerie Cooper, Associate Professor of Black Church Studies, Duke Divinity School

Bill Gaventa, Summer Institute on Theology and Disability

Dr. Merrill Hawkins, Carson-Newman University

Dr. Steven Harmon, Associate Professor of Historical Theology, Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity

Dr. John M. Finley, Executive Director, Baptist History & Heritage Society

Dr. Jimmy Gentry, Senior Pastor, Garden Lakes Baptist Church

Wendell Griffen, New Millennium Church, Little Rock, AR

Mark Reece, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Elkin, NC

William B. Rogers

Bill Tillman, Coordinator, Center for Congregational Ethics

Dr. Alan Bean, Former SBTS student

Larry Hovis, Executive Coordinator, CBF of North Carolina

Emilie M. Townes, Dean, Vanderbilt University Divinity School

Dr. E. Glenn Hinson, Former SBTS Professor

Dr. Robert Nash, McAfee School of Theology

Fisher Humphreys

Curtis Freeman, Duke Divinity School

Vaughn CroweTipton, Associate Vice President for Spiritual Life, Furman University

Walter B. Shurden, Minister at Large, Mercer University

Dr. Priscilla E. Eppinger, Executive Director, American Baptist Historical Society

Dr Mikeal C. Parsons, Professor and Macon Chair in Religion, Mercer University

Dr. Glenn Jonas, Associate Dean, Campbell University

Dr. Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, Professor, Department of Theology, Bellarmine University

Dr. Patrick Anderson, Editor, Christian Ethics Today

Marv Knox, Field Coordinator, Fellowship Southwest

Dr. Karen Massey, Associate Dean McAfee School of Theology

Rev. Steven Renner

Rev. Brittani Massey Bair

Rev. Dr. Charles Kimball

Rev. Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed

Rev. Dr. J. Lee Hill, Jr.

Rev. Gregory Drumwright

Rev. Justin Cox

Rev. Katie Callaway

Rev. Phillip Garrett, MDiv

Rev. S. C. Dixon

Aaron Williams

Abby Shuman

Adam Kaluba

Alan Sherouse

Alex Gallimore

Alex Lockridge

Alexander Campbell

Alonzo Binns

Amelia Debusman

Amy Dean

Amy Williams

Andrew Manis

Angela Bonner

Anita Roper

Ann Hammon

Arlene Torrens

Barbara Allen

Ben Boswell

Beth Milstead

Bill Jones

Billie Wilks

Bn Cao

Bo Prosser

Bob Cunningham

Brian Kaylor

Brian Williams

Brittany Caldwell

Brooks Baxley

Buddy Bryant

Carlos Stouffer

Carolyn Allaby King

Carolyn Simmons

Cathy Butler

Chad Brown

Cheryl Barnes

Christian Rhodes

Colleen Craft

Dan Koger

Darrell Adams

David Grady

David Graves

David May

David Ramsey

Denny Foster

Desjar Johnson

Don Flowers

Donald Williams

Emily Hull McGee

Ephron Johnson

Frank Bail

Fred Andrea

Gene Corbin

Gerry Hutchinson

Hein Min

Hope Graber

Jacob Bean

James Lewis

Jane Parker

Jarred Ray

Jeffrey Grey

Jennifer Butler

Jim Somerville

Jimmy Butts

Joetta Green

John Buzhardt

John Callaway

John Carroll

John Clem

John Kleber

Johnny Kendrick

Jonathan Swanson

Jordan Conley

Josh Bair

Joshua Speight

Joshua Whitaker

Judy Yates

K Ford

Kate Crosby

Kaye Washignton

Khansa Jones

Kim Cooper-Myrick

Kimberley Robinson

Kimberly Davis-Wilson

Kimberly Richardson

Larry Boone

Laura Barclay

Lia Scholl

Linda Valentine

Louie Bailey

Margaret McCollum

Mark Gstohl

Marty Purdy

Mary Tierney

Maryann Torres

Matthew Rutter

Michael Adams

Michael Davis

Michael Finklea

Milt Gardner

Miriam Beckford

Miysan Crosswhite

Nancy Marshall

Nathan Marrs

Nathan Taylor

Osiris Sprauve

Pamela Anderson

Patrick Cole

Rachel Butler

Randy Hyde

Rebecca Cremeans

Reuben Levi

Rhonda Gilliland

Richard Robinson

Rick Lane

Rick White

Ricky Woods

Robin Drake

Roderick Coates

Roy Fuller

Russ Dean

Ryan Eller

Sally Silden

Sawywr Felix

Scott Johanningsmeier

Scott Kerr

Senora Jelks

Shawn Hill

Sondra Murphy

Steve Wilson

Susan Burgess-Parrish

Susan Collins

T Nobles

Tazahbah Yaheem

Tiffany Quarles

Timothy Haertel

Trish Rice

Vicki Watts

Zachary Watson


Response to Request from EmpowerWest from Dr. Albert Mohler

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Signatures: 297Next Goal: 500
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