End the "Clean Slate" Program at R​.​L. Turner High School

End the "Clean Slate" Program at R​.​L. Turner High School

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This year, RLT High School has implemented the "Clean Slate" Program which mandates that:

  • students be given "strikes" for bad classroom behavior
  • Students who are given 3 strikes are sent to a "Strike Zone" and are held for the rest of the day or until their parents show up for a parent teacher conference 
  • If Parents cannot show up by the end of the school day, students are not allowed to enter the building on the next day, and they receive an unexcused absence 
  • Students whose parents can't come for more than two days in a row are filed for truancy. 

Programs like the "Clean Slate" Program have been known to be detrimental to students' learning, wellbeing, and actively contribute to a negative environment at school by:

Promoting hostility between students and teachers-

  • Teachers under this program are encouraged to act punitively towards kids, which hurts the ability for teachers to build trust with students; "When your solution is a hammer, all your problems look like nails" 
  • The lack of trust between student and teacher encourages students to act up more in class
  • This program discourages teachers from providing support or understanding for kids who are neurodivergent (autism, ADHD, etc), who struggle with mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, etc), or kids who are just having a bad day
  • "Strike Zones" function as isolation rooms which often create distress or panic for neurodivergent students or students with anxiety
  • Restricting students from using their phones prevents them from reaching out to receive support from people that they trust
  • Encourages teachers to treat students as a problem that needs to be dealt with, instead of as individuals who need support 

Directing troubled students away from support or resources that could be provided on campus- 

  • Students who "strike out" are directed away from counseling and are denied support from other resources on campus 
  • This program pushes the responsibility for support and discipline on parents who often do not have the time or money to fully support their kid in ways the school should be providing

Targets low-income and working families with legal punishment- 

  • Requiring students to stay home inconveniences parents and isolates low income students from support they could be provided at school
  • Requiring parents to come in on the same day a student strikes out is unrealistic for parents who have tight work schedules or who work far away from the school 
  • Low income students are most likely to have bad days, and putting them through this disciplinary system builds distrust between students and school staff, which can create a cycle of bad days
  • This system contributes to the School-To-Prison pipeline by targeting kids of working parents with truancy filings and legal action. 

Creates a negative atmosphere at school which negatively affects learning- 

  • Stigmatizes mistake-making and creativity by ostracizing students who receive strikes
  • Negatively affects the mental health of students who receive strikes
  • Generates hostility between school staff and students 

Help to end this unjust, classist and ableist policy NOW, by signing this petition!!! 



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