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A new dress code for Pebble Hills

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This will help girls express and feel comfortable with themselves. They shouldn't go to school knowing that they can't wear certain clothes because it's out of dress code. This only shows girls how sexism is being used because we are supposedly "distracting" them from learning. It's unfair to teach boys that it's ok for them to look at us the way they do and it teaches girls that they're an object and they have to be submissive to a boy. It's also a waste of instructional time because we are forced to go to the office and change when we should be in class learning. Girls shouldnt be the ones getting in trouble the most when guys don't follow dress code. Guys should be taught to not see girls as an object and be " distracted " by girls showing their shoulders. If a girl is comfortable with her own body then isn't that something we should be supporting? Why should we shame a person who has enough confidence to show off their body in public? And I understand that there's a dress code for a reason, but some rules are unnecessary. We should wear crop tops to a certain length, wear torn jeans without having to change or put on spandex underneath, wear skirts and dresses without having to change either. We should be able to wear it because they are clothes that are not viewed as a sexual attraction. 


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